Stroller/Veggie Wrap

“I’m so hungry, who’s going to make me lunch, oh yeah…me, who else?”

These are my thoughts as I’m riding my bike for exercise to get rid of the middle age roll.

Did I just say roll?

I meant rollssssssss.

So what did a good mother like me make?

A Stroller.

A what?

You call it a veggie wrap, I call it a Stroller. This is the name I know it as from the days when Luscious Licks was alive and well in St John. The owner, Bonnie Corbeil, turned the whole island into Stroller freaks. 

Here’s my version, today anyway.


  • Flour tortilla shell.
  • Humus-spread about ¼” across two-thirds of shell
  • Shredded cheese, any kind you like
  • Shredded carrots, lots then more
  • Sprouts-of course I made my own…no really (I have way too much time on my hands)
  • Optional: anything that fits (suggestions, red peppers, scallions)
  • Fold in thirds and most important……….EAT!!!




3 thoughts on “Stroller/Veggie Wrap

  1. Jeannie, you’re making me VERY hungry for Luscious Licks!! You forgot one major ingredient though, the yogurt tahini dressing!!! And, more importantly, the avocado!!!

    • Lisa, your right, I forgot about that, I’m not a big fan of tahini but it is sooo good for you, and way better than the ranch dressing I forgot to add. There were no ripe avocodos but I love them on this. Thanks for comment:)

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