Vampire Child


vampire teen

vampire teen


I seem to forget this basic parent lesson.

Most teenagers don’t really care about anyone but themselves.

They may listen to you here and there, but really they are just trying to put in the time to make sure when it is there turn that you will listen.

They may say, “How was your day” but they are really saying “ask me about my day”.

My three children and me were sitting around the living room/kitchen this morning while I was working on my computer. Something I wrote seemed fun to share so I said “Hey listen to this”.

My fourteen year old daughter smirks, “‘is it from your gypsychant or gypsychild or reggaechant or whatever blog.”

I said, “It’s from my reggaeyard blog.”

Then that same fourteen yr old vampire from hell child says, “What makes you think we want to hear it, we don’t care about what’s in them, do you see any of us reading your blogs? Nobody cares what you write in them.”

My seventeen year old son say’s “I do”, feeling awkwardly sorry for me.

“Do you look them up and read them?” says the blood-dripping vampire.

“Well no.”

“That’s what I mean!”  Licking her lips in glee.

My twenty four year old is looking on with a shocked smile. Meanwhile he has never opened one of my blogs either.

I get compliments all the time for being so honest with people; others hate me because of it. This is my payback for all those times I have pissed people off by saying what others wouldn’t dare. My daughter followed in my footsteps.

The part of me that wants to run and hide when things don’t work out right away wants to succumb to her.


Heroically (finally), the perseverance part of me throws holy water all about the house, then dresses up with my finest garlic necklace and silver cross while writing with a wooden stake.   

Just in case.

One thought on “Vampire Child

  1. She forgot to think about what I truly mean when I said, ” none of us want to hear about your stories” hello we live with her we know what the punchline in the story is going to be. But other people will love your stories. And LOL there’s no need for holy water but I’ll be nice if you let me get my hair done. Thanks darlink

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