Madlyn Primoff and the Branding of a Bad Mommy

I am in support for Madlyn Primoff.  I just read someone’s comment about how the school bus has kids walk to school if they live up to 3 miles from school. I think it might be 2 miles where I live but you get the point.

AZbunny wrote “My husband has nothing but contempt for his father who did this exact same thing to him, along with a lot of other physical and psychological abuse. Leaving your child by the side of the road IS psychological abuse and this mother should be investigated to see what other abuses her children have suffered. I doubt this is THE one and ONLY incident.”

We need to look at the whole pic to decide what is right or wrong, this takes common sense, something many are lacking. Of course this action done with HATE, taken too far with other incidents to go along with it, can have some scarring. But that is where the common sense comes in. People are judging just the action alone of letting kids walk home as evil. I believe it is NOT!
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2 thoughts on “Madlyn Primoff and the Branding of a Bad Mommy

  1. I disagree with your assessment.

    It is NOT the walking 3 miles that has gotten people agitated. It is the hostile and wacked-out action of forcing your young kids out of the car, then driving off.

    For the record, I took my young son on an 8 mile hike through Manhattan’s Upper West Side to the East 20″s on Saturday. Why? We were invited to a bar mitzvah and observe the tradition of not traveling.

    We had a BLAST! Yeah, we got blisters, but took water and saw great neighborhoods.

    On his own, my young son has also walked for miles.

    But not after being dumped roadside by an enraged mother.

    I know the lay of the land where Madlyn Primoff dumped her little kids. This is NOT an urban setting with loads of people out and about. Very few people walk more than a few blocks. It is car country. To get back to Scarsdale from White Plains is a long, lonely walk that I am sure the girls didn’t even know!

    The strongest sign that even Primoff knew how f-ed up her actions were is that when she called police to report her 10 year old “missing” (the 12 year old ran up to the car and was allowed back in) she didn’t tell the truth.

    Now, if the truth was so unproblematic, why didn’t she say, “hey, ya know I lost it with these bratty kids and just threw ’em out roadside and drove off.”

    She didn’t because that is not an acceptable parental response.

    Hey, if those kids were getting on last nerve, here are some nice punishments she could have meted out:

    No TV.
    Extra chores around the house.
    A written apology to mom.
    No treats for a designated period of time.
    No computer time.
    Cellphones taken away.

    ….or some other, less insane reaction that would have conveyed the concept that her kids were out of control and she was fed up.

    Sorry….but for every person who has defended this action while claiming that parents have the right to discipline as they see fit, see the cases of Nixmary Brown.

    There are limits and Madlyn Primoff surpassed them.

    That she is a high-power attorney living in a $2 million mansion does make us hope that her education and privilege and all that would make her wiser or at least shield her from the stress of, say, being a cleaning woman living in a basement apartment raising kids without benefit of a spouse or even a high school degree.

    This woman LOST IT. Society has a right to state that truth.

    Obviously, she should have the right to go onward but this is probably a wake-up call for her that her life is somehow out-of-control.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s true that I do not know the exact location of where the kids were dropped off and I believe that does have some bearing to weather that was safe or not. Like I said, I let my son out on our dirt road (basically driveway) and I did not leave him. I followed beside him.
      I love open dialogue when people speak with thoughtfullness and from the heart. Thanks for sharing. —gypsychant

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