A School Meeting

Not Us

Not Us


My daughter goes to an Avid meeting at her school-some kind of program to help them get into AP classes. I have to carry her there for a 6:35pm meeting with a teacher she spent a whole period with earlier in the day.

Fine, I can do it and so can she.

The school office is full of stoic parents with their stoic teens. Very quiet. My daughter tells me how she wants to go get food since she is early. I ignore her and sit down. She sits too. We become stoic.

A teacher comes into the room and calls her name. He looks friendly, actually all the teachers doing the interviews look fresh and friendly as if they are enjoying themselves. My daughters back out in about 10 min.

In that time I speak with the parents whose daughter also goes back about the same time as mine. I ask them if they know what’s involved with this Avid program. By the end of the 10 min we are best friends. They live off same road we live off. The mom says maybe we can share rides. We exchange names and she shakes my hand.

Walking to the car,  my daughter tells me the teacher ask the hardest question, “What does she like most about school?” She tells me it was so hard because she kept thinking he would not like her real answer, the one she did not give him. “How unbelievable hot the guys are at school, or how hot the visiting guys on various sports were”.

We laughed.

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