Free $250 speakers, kinda

My son bought a set of $250 speakers that can be returned in 30 days. His plan is to return them in 25 days. He calls me up when he is leaving the store to tell me how he was shaking when he left the store. I ask if he feels like he stole something and he said yes. He feels guilty because his intent when he bought it was to return it. He then goes on to say he is going to do that every 30 days and he will always have nice speakers for free. Is he serious, I doubt it? His mind is just checking out the possibilities. Life as a 17 year old with his own transportation and a credit card. I love the way his mind keeps spinning and thinking all these fresh ideas. They may not all be good ideas but I like the fact he is being creative.

He ask me why I am not telling him what he did is not ok. He said grandma would be telling him all sorts of reasons. I thought about this and I would have to say it is because I trust him to figure it out mostly on his own because I trust his intent is good. He is one of the most conscience people I know. He never wants to cause harm to others. He can not phantom why other do cause harm, even the thought of a paper clip attached to a rubber band on the back of someone’s neck is insane to him. (He sees this in school)

I told him he has morphed back into the 4 year old who was told he could not take the coconut out of the national park. When the ranger was not looking he grabbed up the coconut that was half his size, his eyes big as a cow and his hair wild from the ocean, squatted down a little low so as not to be seen and ran like crazy toward the park exit. We were near the exit laughing at him. When he reached us we gently took the coconut and told him he had to leave it here where nature could do what it wanted with it, not man. He felt a bit defeated but did not resist. This can bring a smile to my face anytime I think of it.

One thought on “Free $250 speakers, kinda

  1. A follow up to this.
    He realized, “Not such a good idea”.
    It was uncomfortable taking it back, most stores won’t take something back when it is open or over 14 days. Not worth all the trouble, too much worry about missing the cut off date.
    Generally just not worth it.

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