Home schooling at 48!

Their discouragement

“You just love to complain about that stupid computer when you could be doing something different.”— Starbo

“Come on mom, is that all you do?”—Kids

“You need to get a new hobby.”—Everyone

“Get out of the house today and live.”-Brian

“You need a job.”—Everyone


My reply

“This is my job.”

“Pretend I am paying thousands of dollars for a college degree. I am learning a new career: writing and blogging.”

“I just rode my bike the last hour”

“I just did 1 ½ hr yoga session, what did you do?”

“I just walked the dog, drove to store, picked Raina up, went to the bank, took the kids to a movie and dinner and shopping.”

“I sat down for half hour then the phone rang, I ran the vacuum, did a load of clothes, cleaned the bathrooms, made dinner. Need I say more?”

see, I'm spending quality time with my son, that is his arm:)

see, I'm spending quality time with my son, that is his arm:)

One thought on “Home schooling at 48!

  1. Yes! I have been battling this for the last 6 weeks. My husband was laid off and soon discovered that my ‘hobby’ takes up quite a bit of time. So while he is encouraging me to do it he is also making fun of the time it takes. Today he says he needs a job. This crazy life of dropping off, picking up, grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and trying to write on his blog and find a job is not for him. Ha!!

    Keep writing!

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