Moremi is 21

Happy Birthday Moremi.

I have known you since you were two. Your mother would push you around Warfside Village in a stroller. She would come visit me when I worked at Freebird Creation Jewelry store. You did not seem to mind because you always had a big smile on your face. And oh what a face you had. You were one of the most adorable little girls I had ever seen. Your hair was black, big and beautiful. Your skin was a golden dark brown, eyes big and brown. Your mother always had lots of colors to brighten you up, lots of African bracelets and hair clips, deep greens mixed with reds and yellows.  She would dress you in the softest, most comfortable, cute cotton clothes. A lot of care and love went into your day-to-day safeguarding.

I think every child comes into this world with there own agenda. You definitely had yours. As a child you were very headstrong. This might be tuff on the parents but deep down we are always happy for the headstrong children because we know they are survivors. You can come up against most anything and at the end of the battle you will be riding on top swinging your flag with a big smile and lots of people smiling with you. You just have this aura about you that people want to be around. You radiate something special.

You and your mom might of banged heads a bit but you were always polite. I loved hearing your voice. It had a little gravel but very feminine. You would say, “Hello Jeanie, Hi Jeanie, How are you doing today? Bonjoir!” as you jumped on the trampoline.

Raina's birthday party

You were always nice to my kids, as you can see in this picture. When you would first see people for the day you would have a warm greeting for them as if you were truly happy to see them. Not everyone has this quality. This is a special thing, to make others feel welcomed.

Now you have a family of your own. I know you will pass on the love you were given along with plenty much more of your own.

Happy 21st. May life send you blessings and happiness.

not shy

not shy

Moremi with Glen watching her sing

Moremi with Glen watching her sing

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