Free Range Children=Love

I was reading a post called “Free Range Children-Just look East”.

The blogger wrote about a debate he participated in at college. The question was: should first world countries be obligated to make third world countries more westernized?


He was on the No side of the debate when actually he felt the answer was a definite yes. This was until he began to prepare for the debate. I loved the questions he asks at the debate. He held up a picture of a smiling Indian child and asks, “Does this child laugh any less than a child in a first world country? Will all the wealth that comes with a First World existence make this child’s smile any wider?” The other side took pause at this but ended up winning. I felt that had the judges really thought about these questions he would of won the debate.

Just as a child can be loved and happy anywhere; a child can also be crushed anywhere, anyplace if those caring for them are cold hearted and do not take time to listen and love.


My son, 17, listens to his I-touch a lot. The computer is also a good friend of his. He spends many hours researching movies he wants to write and direct someday soon.

One day he turned off all his electronics and just laid down to clear his head to allow the thoughts-his thoughts only-to play in his head.

Latter that day, he was telling me how profound that experience was for him. I realized I could of told him a million times to just turn it all off and all he would of done was thought I was annoying.

I set the lure by doing yoga and meditating, by talking about how those experiences work for me when the subjects come up in our conversation, which we have often.

You know how we say, “I hope someday they get it”.

Well…he got it. ♥


What does the smiling Indian child have to do with the 17 year old that learned to appreciate silence?

Love, nothing but love. 

Would love to hear your thoughts connected to this post.

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