MTV’s 16 and Pregnant- Breastfeeding

“I was going to breastfeed up till delivery but people kept telling me how painful it was.” Amber relayed to the world after it was mentioned that NO ONE in the group breastfeed their babies.

Six mothers and not one baby got their mothers milk. Or did I hear one of the girls say they did it for two weeks and it was so gross and messy and painful. Farrah did it for one week and said, “It was just too much, I just found it tiring.”

Does two weeks count? I think it does. Here is why I think it counts. 

Nature makes a perfect food for babies.

The first three days your body produces colostrum, it is an immunity builder. It is also a laxative to move out the black tar looking substance called meconium. Then in about three days your milk comes in. A mother makes a ton of it and your breast feel like they weigh a ton. This build-up of pressure last 2-3 days. Your body made enough milk in case you have more than one baby. Nature is trying to make sure everyone gets feed. Then over the next few days, your body adjusts to the amount of milk your baby is drinking by slowing down the milk production if needed. 

You just went thru nine months of pregnancy. I believe you can hold through a few more days of discomfort. The benifits to the baby are well worth it.

Some women do experience pain when the baby latches on. You can lesson this discomfort by preparing your nipples ahead of the birth.  Rubbing your nipples with a washcloth while pregnant and trying everyday in the last few months to see if you can squeeze any milk (really colostrum) out may toughen them up so latching on is not so intense.

So for some women there is discomfort and possible pain with breastfeeding during the first month.

 This is no lie.

What I don’t understand is why is that so scary? Every month a women gets her period she has pain or discomfort, you don’t remove your female organs.  If you play soccer and someone hits your shin, it is painful. You still play soccer.

Does anyone tell you the pleasure you will miss if you don’t breastfeed.

  • You are holding your baby close to your heart while they look you straight in the eye.
  • Prolactin is released in your body along with oxytocin, which causes you to relax and gives you an overall feel-good natural hormonal high.  

The one girl mentions the baby’s poop smells horrible so her husband doesn’t change diapers.

Does she know this is due to the formula? I am not saying breast milk poop does not smell but I am saying there is a big difference in smell and consistency between breastfeed babies poop and formula feed poop. BF poop is way less offensive, it looks like cottage cheese mixed with mustard. Formula poop is way more offensive; it is chalky and can even start the cycle of constipation.  

Does anyone go over all this with the girls? Is there any support to breastfeed for the girls from family or any people they are surrounding themselves around?

Even Dr Drew feels breastfeeding is too difficult.

He says to the world, “People have grave misconceptions about breastfeeding. Ebony chimes in, “I breastfeed about two weeks and what gets people about breastfeeding is …{Dr. Drew interrupts with ‘it hurts’}… it hurts, your boobs are so engorged with milk, like you have to constantly pump and you drip, leaking fluids everywhere. It’s horrible.” Dr Drew goes on to say “It’s pretty complicated: breastfeeding (girls shake their heads in agreement), its more than the romanticized notion people have about it.”


These girls are not given any support.

Even when a rare girl feels she would like to breastfeed, she is scared into thinking it will be awful


How did we get to this point?


What is your experience with breastfeeding?

What were the negative things you heard?

What were the positive things you heard?

What is the craziest thing you heard?

2 thoughts on “MTV’s 16 and Pregnant- Breastfeeding

  1. I’m not going to breastfeed and I wish there was more info on not breastfeeding aka how to make the milk go away instead of people criticizing.


    • I agree that breastfeeding does not suit every woman’s needs but I believe, if the mom is healthy, it suits every babies needs.
      I understand there are times when medically, a woman can not breastfeed, these are rare but a reality.
      I also understand that if we had better support in our society, women would not shy from using their milk from their breast to feed their child.

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