Women who WOW!

My son (17) walks into the kitchen and tells me now that school started he has no time to think about making his movie.

I said it didn’t make any difference because all summer long he didn’t do anything then either.

side note: Most the time I try to be uplifting but I also believe in being real and laying it on the table like it is. There are many realities. Him not accomplishing his goals are one.  

He was feeling defeated in his past goals that he did not accomplish.

I started reading this post to him listed below (we often share things we are reading).

He said that’s strange that this is what I was reading when he just brought up the stuff about the movie.

I then realized the coincidence of it all.

This is highlighted version, click here for full post from Women Who Wow, Michelle Pippin.


Do you WANT to succeed? I mean, do you really WANT what you SAY you want?

Have you DECIDED and COMMITTED to succeed?
True commitment is made evident by a structure that supports what you are truly committed to. It always amazes me how quickly we can name the “MAIN obstacle” holding us back from success. YET, when asked HOW MUCH TIME you spend trying to overcome that MAIN obstacle,

Are you being held ACCOUNTABLE?

Accountability (when done right) keeps us focused, driven, inspired, and strategic! For me, weekly accountability is a “business tool” I simply can NOT afford to go without.

Are you taking (strategic) ACTION?

Would love to hear your thoughts connected to this post.

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