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Breastfeeding in Public-are you protected?

I found a very good article at Mothering Magazine called Lactation and the Law by Jake Aryeh Marcus.

She starts out writing, “Most women who breastfeed their children will, at some time or other, find it necessary to nurse their children outside of their homes. For most women who nurse in public places, feeding their children will be no more stressful than nursing at home. Other people often do not notice when someone is breastfeeding near them, and those who do notice are generally indifferent or even supportive. All too often, however, we read stories of women who have been told to use a bathroom to nurse their children, asked to cover themselves and their child with a blanket, or told they must leave a place because they want or need to nurse.”

Then she goes on to inform her readers about how the laws work. She does not give state by state but recommends finding out what your state laws are.

She describes a few cases where women were told to stop nursing or leave; one women and her family were even kicked off a flight by Delta.

She mentions what actions have been taken, from nurse-ins to servers crashing due to amount of e-mails sent.

She urges breastfeeding advocates to write letters, make phone calls, call legislators, seek help from other breastfeeding supporters, hire lawyers, contact the press, or organize nurse-ins.

She ends with “There may be stress and hardship, but there is also community and power, and often, much-needed change”.

To see the entire article, click here.


1 thought on “Breastfeeding in Public-are you protected?”

  1. Thanks for the kudos. 🙂 Check out and you can see one of many pix of me breastfeeding in public (that is me and the youngest of my three sons at the top of the page).
    This was sent in by Jake but it got mistaken for spam. Sorry. Here it is from me instead.

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