Pumpkin Blossom Sandwiches, YUM!!!

Fall has arrived, it’s time to make a pumpkin blossom sandwich.
The pumpkin blossoms can be picked early in the morning, before 9am.

Take out stamen, soak in Tupperware of water, just enough to cover.

When ready to fry them up just dip them in flour and fry in small amount of oil.

Once crisp, put on piece of soft bread (soft oatmeal by Pepperidge Farm is my favorite), add mustard and you have a delicious sandwich.

I grew up eating these and have passed it down to my kids, they also love them..

While looking for a blossom picture I found this fun blog, http://www.mybitofearth.net

She happens to also have an article about fried blossoms. I love it! We fry ours flat verses hers look like they were picked closed. They also look yummy.

2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Blossom Sandwiches, YUM!!!

  1. I have never heard of frying pumpkin blossoms. Thanks for the idea. I googled fried pumpkin blossoms before visiting you and I found the blog you are referencing, lol.

    I hope that you will visit again, better yet subscribe to my blog. I love great ideas and comments.

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