Nabisco Uneeda Raincoat Boy

Saltine Boy

My dad worked for Nabisco for 37 years.
We had free reign to all snacks from the warehouse.
I can remember going to see my dad and getting so excited because we got to walk in the warehouse and pick out what we wanted.
It never got old.  How can that large assortment of snacks and cookies ever get old. We picked Oreo’s, Chips-ahoys, Marshmallow Pinwheels, Lorna Doones.
When I saw this picture my son’s father took of him it reminded me of the Nabisco Raincoat Boy, that’s what my sisters and I called him.  
We had Nabisco envelope openers, paperweights, tins, towels, plates. The list goes on…
The Raincoat boy was on most of them along with the animal cracker train.
Uneeda Biscuit Boy

Uneeda Biscuit Boy

Nabisco, once called the National Biscuit Company, created the UNEEDA biscuit. It looked promising, but they had to find a way to make sure it got to customers all fresh and tasty. So while other companies were selling crackers in bulk out of barrels, the National Biscuit Company created the Inner-Seal Package, an ingenious system of inter-folded layers of wax paper and cardboard. To market the new cracker they created the illustration of a wholesome, little boy clutching a box of UNEEDA Biscuits. The lad was wearing a raincoat and rain boots to demonstrate the moisture-proof nature of the package.

2 thoughts on “Nabisco Uneeda Raincoat Boy

  1. My dad worked for and retired from Nabisco as well! I remember the freight-damaged boxes of goodies, for pennies a box. Also I remember the neighbors having those frosting-covered animal cookies with sprinkles, and we could never buy them because they weren’t made by Nabisco… but all my friends wanted to go to my house for Chips-o-Hoy and Oreos.

    We too had all the bling – I still have a wooden kid’s toy truck around here somewhere that they made for some anniversary.

    Ah memories – thanks for sharing!

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