Children driving

My 15 year old is driving!

My 15 year old is driving!

My 15 year old has been driving for four months and I still can’t get use to it.

In eight more months I will release her to the open roads. Is this fair to all the other drivers on the road?

It is not her fault, she is a good driver, as good as any 15 year old. But that is just it, she will only be 16 and with that age comes that feeling of “I am indestructible”.

Will she remember to look for pedestrians and bicyclist when she is turning right on red?

Will she ignore her phone when it vibrates or rings?

She is already starting to adjust the mirrors and the seat after she is driving.

She is already finding a good radio station when she is driving.

I make her turn the phone off when she drives with me, will she do that when I am not there?

Will she be able to handle the aggressive driver that looses patience with her inexperience? Until I started helping my teens drive I forgot that some drivers are just learning and to be patient.

Will she get distracted when her friends are in the car?

The list goes on and on.

Another situation of letting go and trusting.

I am now 95% grey.

After four kids, and the last one now fifteen,  I have no hope for the remaining 5%.

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