ABC, Good Morning America did a segment they called Extreme Homeschooling.

It was about Unschooling. It was edited with much bias.

Too bad as there is so much good happening with children that are unschooled.

Here’s a comment I posted at end of post on ABC’s  web page.

Unschool does not mean no school. Please read on:

I have four children whom I unschooled (UnS) all for most years of their education years. I have a son who is in his last year of getting his PhD as an electrical engineer: he interns with NASA. Another son who just got excepted to UCF and my daughter is now in high school, an honor student, class president, cheer leader, the list goes on. Another graduated from culinary school.

Here’s an example of how it works. You have to pay attention to your children, see what interest them then present things that support that interest: books, movies, documentaries, field trips.

Not all UnS  have cable so all day TV watching is not even an option. People get hung up on this all day TV watching topic. Kids are naturally curious and watching TV all day is not the desire of children who are taught that tactile experiences are more fun. How are they taught this? By going on field trips, by playing with soil when they are planting gardens, by smelling foods as they stir up a batch of cookies or muffins.   Most parents that keep their children home all day do so because they want their children to learn more healthy than what a school classrooms can offer so those parents are going to be very involved in their childs lives.

Not everyone can UnS so calm down everyone. The reason they can’t is because you have to be around your children to pay attention to them. For many parents this just is not possible economically. Too bad because UnS children are usually such balanced, social beings.

Would love to hear your thoughts connected to this post.

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