Human Spirit

Women of Africa

Here’s a passage that talks about the human spirit.

It struck a cord with me so I thought I would share it.

It is sweet and short.

Quick note: The author was in Africa and spent hours with his jeep stuck in the mud and guns pointing at him.

I read this in the National Geographic Vol 27, No. 4.

It’s called Kenya Passage, by Christopher Vourlias

The woman’s eyes are soft, sorrowful, resigned, but it’s my own fleeting misfortune that trougles her. Of all the things you expect to find in Africa, sympathy isn’t one of them. Earlier I’d watched a parade of women trudging on the side of the road, infants bundled on their backs, firewood balanced on their heads, I imagined that every day brought with it some fresh hardship; but maybe all those trails didn’t harden the spirit so much as soften the heart. They made you more eloquent in the language of sorrow.

You can find his blog here at postcard junkie.


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