Bee or Wasp sting remedy

We are running and laughing on a friends farm, the air gently slapping our faces as the sun soothes our skin.

My son falls down in pain and grabs is ankle, he starts to cry.

“It burns, mommy, my leg burns.”

He has been stung by a bumble bee, a giant round yellow and black bumble bee.

I run back to the car and grab the toothpaste in our luggage. Thankfully we had not yet unpacked.

I apply a good amount to the red bump and get my son to think of something else. We continue our journey and when asked how his leg feels, he replies, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Mission accomplished, again.

Use toothpaste to take the sting (pain) away almost instantly.

Use a clay (cream) base like Toms, or Natures Gate or Crest, just not a gel.

The clay draws the toxins out and the mint cools.

I can’t tell you how many tears it has dried for my children and me.

clay based toothpaste

clay based toothpaste

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