Fundraiser for Kian, an 8 month old that needs surgery

Garage sale for Kian, an 8 month old that needs surgery

A  friend  of my sisters has a 8 month old son with a heart problem.

They are having a fund raiser this Saturday, September 18th, at the Golden Gate Community Center on Golden Gate Parkway.

It’s a garage sale and all the proceeds go towards helping them with the expenses of going to California so the baby can get the first of 3 major surgeries.

The sale is from 8am-12pm.

Look for the booth that is displaying his picture.

The mother was a former teacher but had to quit her job to stay home and take care of Kian.  His lungs have to be suctioned out every couple of hours and he has a feeding tube in that they have to take care of so it’s definetly a lot of work for this young mom.

If you would like to make a donation but cannot attend the garage sale you could send the money to my sister,  Donna Koenig, at 5860 Bur Oaks Lane, Naples, FL  34119 and make the check out to  Danielle Moss and Donna will make sure she gets it.

It would be truly appreciated.

Kian heart condition is that he  has ½ of a heart. He was born without the main artery from the heart to the lungs.  He has ancillaries that have grown to compensate for this loss.  They are actually growing which has shocked the doctors.  The surgeon in California has done similar surgeries.  The first surgery will be to make an artery out of the ancillaries from the heart to the lungs.   He was also born without a spleen and his organs are reversed. They would love to have the surgery done closer to home but the surgeon in California is the only one to have performed similar surgeries.


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