Fruit is Nature’s fast food

Pardon me if I add a post that comes from a somewhat political satire commentary, one that I find very interesting to watch at times, by the way, but this post is just to get you to think about how we are manipulated by someone that wants to make a buck at the expense of your health and the health of the planet. It is a simple product really. One you might find completely harmless at the grocery store.

You will pass by it and your kids might pick it up with a smile and say, “buy this one, I want this one”.

You will think, “OK, if I buy this they will be happy and not bother me the rest of the shopping trip.” So you put it innocently in your cart and take it home thinking, “I bought something healthy for the kids, I bought them a natural fruit snack.”

The kids like it so much you make it a regular on your shopping trips.

I can write this because I have fallen victim to it. Consumerism at it’s finest.

But this product I am about to tell you about seems really ridiculous when you watch Steven Colbert’s segment about it.

Sometimes comedians have the best method to waking us up.

PepsiCo just came out with Tropolis, an edible fruit that makes it convenient to eat fruit anytime. Steven Colbert does a segment on his show about it. It is a horrible addition to plastic non-recyclable waste.

Pepsi said  “…our hope is that this new nutritious snack will give [parents] yet another way to give their children fruit goodness…”

Colbert say’s “I think this is great because fruit, in it’s current form, is impossible to eat. Look at this banana, how do I get into this thing,” as he takes out a hammer and starts pounding on skin and all.

He say’s he has a problem with the fact the packaging is non-recyclable and proceeds to say, “You can’t eat the pouch. Get engineers to make some sort of apple snack encased in some sort of edible skin, that would be a real break through.”

A picture of an apple appears.

Oh, that’s already been done by mother nature but pepsi can’t make as much money on that concept.

The part about the apple is 45 seconds into it. It’s won’t make you laugh hysterically but it is food for thought. (I couldn’t get just the apple part but that is the ony part I am referencing)
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