100 Things About Me

100 things about me

Eric Watermolen of Eden Journal inspired me to write this post.

He wrote a very moving list of 100 things about himself, said it really made him ponder.

So I will ponder away and do his challenge of writing this in one sitting, with no break till it’s posted.

If anyone else wants to try this, I will do a guest post, just email me.

Here goes.

  1. I love my life and give thanks for it every day.
  2. I know at any moment, everything can come crashing down by some serious injury or illness, so I give extra thanks for every moment that is free of major drama.
  3. I grew sprouts and sold them to restaurants in 1981..
  4. I love to listen to my breath, it relaxes me.
  5. I love to write on the beach, listening to the waves and letting the breeze smooth all the rough edges of my aura.
  6. Yoga is amazing, I believe it helps heal the body.
  7. I am certified yoga instructor.
  8. I am a certified Childbirth Educator x3.
  9. I am a certified Infant Massage Instructor.
  10. I am a certified labor assistant x2.
  11. I am a midwife.
  12. I have delivered over 200 babies.
  13. I am an herbalist.
  14. I did Outward Bound in North Carolina for a month when I was 18.
  15. I went to college, majoring in Crop Production.
  16. I changed my major to Turf Management my second year.
  17. I am a djembe drummer, not great but I can keep a strong beat.
  18. I can teach basic beading, loom beading, crochet beading but I can’t crochet yarn very well.
  19. I am really good at giving hand and neck massages.
  20. I started drawing again and find I like it.
  21. When I draw, I often say to myself, “trust in yourself” when I start to doubt.
  22. Every night before I go to bed, I go in my closet, which is really big, and lay back on my yoga ball and stretch out my back. Ahhh.
  23. I have a 16 year old daughter who is always inviting her girlfriends over.
  24. My daughters girlfriends always bring fast food with them and it really stinks of grease.
  25. My whole family except for one son, hates fast food.
  26. I have four children and had two miscarriages before them.
  27. I have gotten pregnant four times in July which produced two live births, April 12 and April 13, two years apart. (My miscarriages were both in September.)
  28. I love American Idol, the only TV show that I can ever remember what time and day it’s on.
  29. It is impossible for me to have any type of routine that is consistent, believe me, I have tried.
  30. I love vegetables.
  31. My throat itches if I eat most all fruits by themselves but if I put them together in a smoothy I am fine.
  32. I love most all vegetables. Avocados make my throat itch, must be a fruit.
  33. I love a good steak but rarely eat red meat.
  34. I don’t understand why everyone in America doesn’t care about where their food comes from and what is in it.
  35. I can be brought to deep rasping tears if I think of anything hurting my children.
  36. I unequivocally love all four of my children.
  37. I love my partner/husband of 21 years.
  38. I don’t always like my partner/husband, sometimes I have hated him.
  39. I love to cuddle day or night.
  40. I love my step children.
  41. I fear one of my step children, knowing he is very angry in jail.
  42. I love to create and am probably my greatest admirer of my own works, often my only admirer.
  43. I often ate a pint of ice cream in one day when I was in my 20’s.
  44. I traveled across America with the help of my thumb for about two months.
  45. I got pregnant at a Rainbow Gathering.
  46. I breastfed for a total of six years.
  47. When I had Dengue Fever after Hurricane Marilyn, my little boys rubbed my feet for hours so I wouldn’t cry.
  48. I miscarried alone, having to go to a very strange introvert male neighbor for help to call the ambulance as I had no phone. He was terrified.
  49. They left me in a room at the hospital by myself so long I took a taxi home only to have them come back for me and hour later.
  50. One son was born breech, the other with the cord tight around his neck, had to cut cord before he was born.
  51. I had all my babies born at home with a midwife.
  52. I drove a spring tooth plow for hours alone, even running it into a shed, moving it a few feet.
  53. I volunteered at a camp for two weeks after high school for severely mentally handicapped adults.
  54. I was made to guarded the door many nights at the camp often getting pinched by the ‘two fingered’ woman.
  55. While sitting at a light house amongst many people, a strange man came from behind me and grabbed my neck and breast. Terrifying.
  56. I had a boyfriend who would drive his tiny sports car very, very fast when we argued. Terrifying.
  57. When I was 16, I had a boyfriend who was 24. We were together for one year. I told my parents he was 19 and they believed me.
  58. I had a boyfriend that was very sweet, murdered while working at a shoe store with a sawed off shotgun by someone that was angry with his father. RIP Ronnie.
  59. I sat on Peace Hill overlooking the Caribbean sea listening to Ram Das talk.
  60. I am a Krishna Das groupie, or would love to be.
  61. I went to an Ashram, never knowing it was an Ashram,  for 6 weeks and again the following year for one week.
  62. I want to live at the Ashram for three months to a year.
  63. I have a very close friend that I love dearly that was born and still lives in Israel.
  64. I have a lot to say and want to write it all down so I don’t forget.
  65. My mother was very depressed growing up, sweeping everything under the carpet.
  66. My mother was told to sweep everything under the carpet by everyone around her, even the doctors. Thats how they did it back then.
  67. My sisters and I all grew up living under the dust of my mothers depression.
  68. I had a sister die of pneumonia before I was born, my husband had a sister die of pneumonia when he was 6, she was 4.
  69. My grandfather was gourd to death by a bull on his farm.
  70. My grandmother died of diabetes right before they were going to cut off her foot.
  71. My grandfather was half Indian.
  72. I love Chia tea with a little organic milk.
  73. I make the best banana bread ever, with whole wheat pastry flour.
  74. My son loves my cookies.
  75. I have a son who is almost done with his PhD in electrical engineering.
  76. My grandfather was an electrical engineer, we found out last year.
  77. I have a son who graduated from a top chef school and is executive chef at the Weston.
  78. I have a son who constantly thinks, and is always planning this film or this photo shot. He is studying Film at college.
  79. I have a beautiful, smart, motivated daughter who thinks with her own mind, very strong willed. Doesn’t follow the crowd. Dances in the grocery store all the time.
  80. My father and mother love me like crazy.
  81. My husband loves me like crazy.
  82. My children all love me like crazy.
  83. We are all crazy, with love.
  84. I believe we all teeter on a fine line of crazy and sane, we can choose at any shattering moment which side of the line we want to live on.
  85. I have always believed the universe will provide for me.
  86. I moved to the Virgin Islands when I was 23 with $150 and a fourteen month old son and didn’t know a sole and had never been there.
  87. I lived in the Virgin Islands for over 20 years.
  88. I had a children store and reggae store for over twelve years that could afford to pay the help.
  89. I was office manager of a dentist office for two years and had the best time with the women there including my now best friend.
  90. I have helped build three homes we built from scratch to finish.
  91. I learned solar and had it in two of my homes that were off the grid.
  92. Plants don’t like me.
  93. I love dark chocolate.
  94. My current profession is “Doing nothing”, anyone else out there in the same profession?
  95. I lived in a van for years.
  96. My first son never lived anywhere more than two months for his first three years.
  97. I lived without running water or hot water for over 10 years.
  98. I could write a book about how to take a dump in the bush full time.
  99. I love the song by Randy Travis, “I will love you forever”.
  100. I wish this list went to 200.

3 thoughts on “100 Things About Me”

  1. Hi Jeanie,
    I’m a Bonita Springs resident and a zoologist with an immense interest in river otters in Collier and Lee counties. My particular interest is why and when river otters utilize the impounded waters in gated communities. I have met two other people who have also seen otters in Village Walk. I would very much like to start a dialogue with you about otters in Village Walk and maybe someday meet with you and visit the various sites where you have observed otters. I first ran across your 19 Dec 09 Village Walk otter sighting at Jessie Dickson’s photo site of Viera Wetlands. Have you made any other Village Walk sightings since December of 2009? If so, would you like to share what you have observed?



    1. Hello, I don’t live in Village Walk but the otter family was often in the lake behind 28188 Herring Way. That was house I lived in. I was at my mothers house in Island Walk of Naples. She regularly sees an otter behind her house on the lake. She lives on Charlton St.

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