Top 10 Family Vacations in the Caribbean & Mexico

Trip advisor put out an article called

Top 10 Family Vacations in the Caribbean & Mexico

Top on the list is Paradise Island. Here’s what they say:

The main attraction here is the massive Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino. While Atlantis may be best known as an adult playground, it actually boasts an impressive list of kids’ activities. You’ll find waterslides, an amazing aquarium and more pools than you can count. And the kids’ clubs aren’t just glorified (and boring) babysitting—your kids will beg you to go away so they can play with their new friends. Which means this might actually be paradise for parents.

I have to agree that Atlantis is fun and full of eye popping things to look at along with the beauty of the Caribbean Sea.

It is a bit on the hyper-stimulating which I like once in awhile.

But if you are looking for an alternative, a healthy vegetarian diet, yoga and meditation for families with children a bit older, maybe 10 and up then I would recommend The Sivananda Yoga Retreat. This retreat is on the same island as Atlantis…Paradise Island. It is on a 5 acre parcel. You can bring a tent and camp or stay in a private cabin. You share the same beach as the vacationers staying at Atlantis but I can guarantee you are paying a lot less to visit that beach.

Enter Yoga Retreat

Enter Yoga Retreat

When you leave the retreat you do not feel like you need another vacation, you are healthier, and more at peace in your heart. This is if your children agree to go and are happy there. If the whole time they whine because they want to go to Atlantis then I would either do a day trip to Atlantis or stay in Atlantis or rethink where you want to go.

Have you ever taken your kids on vacation or a day trip and they are happy all day long, then they get tired and something triggers emotions in them and suddenly they are miserable?

How many times have you taken your children on vacation, spent lots of time planning the trip, lots of money on the trip, only to have your children end up still unhappy?

Would love to hear your thoughts connected to this post.

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