Start a Journal

My St. John blog

My St. John blog

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping a journal.

Your children someday will appreciate this. You will appreciate this one day in the not-so-far away future.

Remember time is speeding up.

I hope I have convinced you. Now to start!

So many ways to do this nowadays.

Go to the bookstore and get a dreamy looking journal. Go to the five and dime and buy a cheap notebook and dress it up yourself.

Start a blog, WordPress dot com (not dot org) allows you to keep it private. I believe blogger (Google) does too.

I am 51 now and things that I thought I would never forget are fading into the universe.

There are many memories lost. I wish I had kept a better journal. I have the essence of the past and finding people helps it flow like the ocean, back and forth. Thank you Facebook and classmates for this window into my past.

It been a great ride and the train is still moving at a rapid pace. I am still amazed every day.

I take many notes and they are scattered all over my documents that I continuously try to organize with this folder and that.

I think the old fashion journey is still the best fit for me.

Would love to hear your thoughts connected to this post.

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