‘Birth’-in a non-perfect world.

•♫ ♪♫•”Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit.” •♫ ♪♫•

Squatting with fingers touching the earth, the baby-belly mama rises while cradling her arms in a rocking motion, moving hands in swirling motions near her throat chakra, clapping the right hand reaching to the sky, all the while chanting, “Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit.”

A birthing woman is sitting under the stars, breathing air that connects her to the earth and sky, intuitively knowing the bodies blood-water connects her to the fetus that is laboring along with her, and trusting both baby and mother spirit to fuel the fire needed to endure the path to delivery. The mother rocks her body, moving through light contractions. The wave of intensity is building, building–till the pushing urge is so strong that all her focus moves her body to bears down, moving her baby gently into the world to share the earth’s breath. The never ending spiral of life~creating more spirals.

In a perfect world.

Which does exist.

The world of birth compares to the world of snowflakes.

“Wow really?” you may ask, “in what way?”

Simply in that no two are alike. This variable state creates the unexpected. The unexpected at times creates unwanted results, these results can cultivate future fear. This often leads to controlling Birth to get a more satisfactory result. This control contradicts the natural birthing process. Control interrupts the innate rhythmic flow of a birthing body.

This forced flow will still produce the birth of a baby. This forced flow can, at times, save the life of a baby.


But there has been great loss in this process of forced birth.

If you look at numbers, the lives saved by intervention is not equal to the lives lost. The United States has one of the worst infant mortality rates for an industrialized country. The cesarean rate is out of control. Just look at the world health organization for your statistics. The facts are easily found once you question the process.

If the facts are so easily found then why are so many robotically moving toward controlled birth?

Simple…Fear rules over facts. The majority will not even question the safety of what they are being told is normal and safe. They will simply do what everyone else is doing. If they do question their doctor, they are told that all these interventions make it safer for the baby and them.

The fact is, it does not make it safer.

The good thing is, not everyone is moving along the path of control.

Unfortunately the safest path is the road less traveled.

It is unfortunate because when so many follow this unhealthy path, the damage done to society is great.

There is emotional damage that lingers past the mother into society. The scars may linger in the touch to the baby, possibly to the mother’s birth partner and equally important…to herself.

The lies that lead us to this untruth, that birth must be controlled to be safe, get revealed to some in what feels at times to be little secret societies because some have such a hard time finding them. They are not secret societies, They are screaming from roof tops, from mountains, from communes (Ina May’s starting spot), from magazines and birth blogs. But there are louder, more powerful screams from “the experts”. They are telling women that they need to be monitored, induced, put on time schedules before and during labor along with other misleading information. These “EXPERTS” provoke fear by saying things like, “Don’t you want the best for your baby.”

Meanwhile, the best is clearly not the best.

Pregnancy and Birth are not a disease. There are times when a pregnant woman has a disease that complicates the pregnancy or/and birth. There are times when the pregnancy brings on this disease, but let me say this, the pregnancy is not the disease and most pregnancies do not coexist with disease. Most pregnancies have no complications.

When complications arise and when disease coexist then there is a place for intervention. This timing of Intervention is welcome for many. I, for one, am very grateful that there are people trained so competently in dealing with all of these situations. Let me clarify right now that many of these trained specialist are not pushing fear. They are there to help, but there is a power greater than these individuals. It has a life of its own. This power network puts money in front of people. This network has convinced the most well intentioned person that more intervention is better.

So while there are loud voices pushing fear…streams are moving into rivers and the river is rising with the songs and cries of woman that know different. They have been touched by natures birth. They have either felt the wrong doings or have experienced the flow of birth in all its uninhibited force.

They are shouting with no intention of ever shutting up.

Documentaries are made, seminars are put on, books are written and plays are acted out.

One such play recently happened in my neighborhood.

Brith play

Once a year, all over the world, women are joining together to produce, direct, act, and attend a play called Birth by Karen Brody. She wrote this in 2004 after interviewing more than 100 women about their birth stories. She turned those stories into a master piece of a play. Just the right amount of twisting and weaving of wit and timing, knowledge and intense emotions. A scripted play, most are not actors but women from birthing communities. When the mother talks to her daughter, you can hear the well intentions but recognize the mis-information. When you hear birthing mama’s labor, the sound is raw and primal.

The actors often transform from the first rehearsal to the final scene of the actual play. The audience has no idea what to expect when arriving but leave saying, “Wow, that was funny and intense.” Audience participants that have never had a baby are heard saying, “I never knew there was so much involved in a birth, I just had no idea.” Others with wounds to heal say, “It brought back so many memories.”

So next time you want to seek out an “Expert”, remember this:

(I am not speaking of disease while pregnant. I am speaking of natural, disease free birth.) These experts that learned only from books and lectures and white coat supervision are revered by society for natural birth, meanwhile the real experts of natural birth: informed mothers and their attendants, are rarely considered experts at all. They might get their stories listened to for inspiration, but rarely sought out for expertise. Let us reverse this trend.

Reach out to women in all corners of the earth that have felt the sensations of birth ripple through their bodies while trusting the process with the response, “and so it is…and so I let go.”

Reach out to the women that stood beside these birthing women with nurturing hands and assisted with ancient wisdom.

Let our voices be heard and our stories be told.

Send me a note if you would like your birth story told. Mother Earth Parenting would love to tell your story. Either leave a comment or send me an email at


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