Thanksgiving: Be thankful a donkey does not knock you to the ground.

Children are innocent Children are non-judgmental Children are resilient to change Children are trusting Children love unconditionally   Let’s explore Gratitude. How many of you are lucky enough to have a child in your life? For 30 years I woke up almost every day with a child physically present in my life. My children are… Continue reading Thanksgiving: Be thankful a donkey does not knock you to the ground.


Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Tree.

So why all this interest in Moringa?   I have been hearing about this Moringa for about two years now. A friend of mine grows it and makes lots of products from it. But until the last month or two I really didn't pay it any mind. I have been around natural herbs since I… Continue reading Nutritional Benefits of Moringa Tree.


Where is your office?

One of my many office's. Does anyone else do this? Set up an office in every inch of your living space? Basic office needs: purse with credit cards to pay bills. Magnifying glasses to see. Bills, and Fresh smoothie made with organic froxen strawberries, bannanas, and sweet cheeries, coconut milk and almond milk. that's it.… Continue reading Where is your office?


Power Tea with Moringa

Here is one of my favorite teas. Homegrown Lemongrass, Moringa from the food forest at Florida Gulf Coast University, and Peppermint tea from Celestial (I have some growing but not quite ready to pick from it) and non-chlorinated water. Chlorine turns into a more harmful compound when boiled so very important to use filtered water.… Continue reading Power Tea with Moringa


October is the month for Durga. Yes I know October passed, luckily 13 days ago, which is the point. Thirteen represents good luck. There are thirteen moons in a year. The Lunar calendar (13 months) was changed to a solar calendar (12 months). Why? Some believe to take power away from women.  After the fall of the matriarchal society, it… Continue reading October is the month for Durga.