Eyes of India

Women Artisans and their children

“But I am happy when I see the colors of the threads in my hands.  This is also a kind of recreational activity for me. When we sit together all of us and embroider the pieces we sing folk songs and our children play in the courtyard, we don’t need any other entertainment in our life.”

This is a quote I posted from Eyes of India’s blog.

They sell tapestry’s, bedspreads, pillows and more made by artisans and craftsmen from India. It is a good place to shop for presents for loved ones as it supports mothers and children in small villages. Check them out here  I often find myself in large corporate shops buying everyday items, dish soap and storage bins come to mind, and I am trying to change this to support more individuals.

One of my favorite pieces I bought from them was two tapestry’s made from antique hand beaded wedding dresses. It was a collage of many dresses. I can stare at it for quite a while with my mind thinking about all the time and patience and love that went into each stitch and placing each bead and then the women wearing it on her wedding day.

Do you have a favorite place you shop to support mothers and their families?

Antique wedding dress tapestry
Antique wedding dress tapestry
Wedding dress tapestry
Wedding dress tapestry
Pillow case, I had to stuff
Pillow case, I had to stuff




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