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Drum/Music class.

Starting up a Drum/Music class with wee little ones in Bonita Spring, Florida.


coral bay 57
Homemade costume
coral bay 63
Juma doing the moves


African drum class.
Raina ready for the Island National Park play.

Join us with your wee little one every Wed from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Ages infant to 5 years old. (this can sway a bit if necessary)
We will spend 15 minutes of limin’ playtime then 30 minutes of music fun then end with 15 minutes more of just hang’n time. We will have an eclectic cultural experience for the little ones. Theme weeks. The first one will be Africa. So dress up your little one in lions or tigers or any animal costume you can think of. Be creative. Maybe just a tail made out of a sock filled with paper tied onto the waist. If you forget or don’t have time then don’t worry, the first 15 min we can do some quick face painting time. Your child will be immersed in rhythm and laughter which opens the heart and throat chakra spinning all the other chakras in a healthy connection to joy.


3 thoughts on “Drum/Music class.”

  1. We took the first class & loved it. There were little toddlers & bigger preschoolers as well. Awesome energy & lots of different ethnic instruments the kids got to try. So happy to be able to introduce my toddler to world music from such a young age. We will be back for more next class ❤ Thanks Jeanie!!

  2. We just started taking drum class and both my 5yr and my 2year old loved it ❤ The class and people felt so warm and inviting and Jeanie is an absolute gem. Recomend this to anyone who is looking for something fun and different. Out of all the music classe we have been too this one is deffinatly at the top of list on great experiences ❤ Thank you Geanie for the opportunity and connection, such patience with my hurricane kam 😉 looking foward to next time ❤

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