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Pillow Fun, or is it?

Big Pillows
Big Pillows



These giant pillow from Pottery Barn were a big deal in our house. It was a big expense that paid back in big smiles. Most the time. Eyes wild with excitement, the kids would run and dive, belly flops was more like it. Every time Starbo would see the kids do this he would say, “Hey, don’t let me see you do that again.” Eyes turned down, shoulders slumped as if to say, “Sorry Dad” and then when he left the room they would start right back up. This time I didn’t back Starbo up because I saw no harm in what they were doing. This is how it went in our house. When Starbo was around the kids wouldn’t do certain things but when he left the crazy began, as long as it was ok with me. If I didn’t like it, they wouldn’t get away with it.

The scary part for Juma, really the torture part, was when his older brothers would sandwich him in between two pillow. I would freak out when I saw him freaking out. I would scream, “Stop that right now, you know Juma hates that. It’s torture to him. Don’t ever let me see that again.” You would think I would never see it again but kids can be cruel. They know he spent days at the dentist being restrained in a papoose style board with velcro straps to get his teeth fixed. He had horrible bottle mouth syndrome.

Not sure why he had such bad teeth. He was breastfed for two and a half years, fed healthy food but he did get a bottle of diluted juice once a day and often fell asleep drinking it. My bad and unfortunately Juma’s bad.

I had two choices, put him under and do it all one time or sedate him and do it a few hours each day. I was afraid of putting him under when I read about the rare side effect…death. So dreading it all but understanding the severity of his disease, I opted for the sedation. The drug that was suppose to mellow him out had the reverse effect, taking a very mellow boy and turning him into a hyper maniac. It took four of us to restrain him in a papoose. A nightmare for us all. My poor little baby was crying so hard and I had to convince him to open his mouth for this very patient and lovely Puerto Rican female dentist. At the time it seemed there was nothing else to do, I wanted to pack up an fly home but I needed to be strong. His little teeth were chipped and rotten. Some got pulled and some got crowns. Like this story, it seemed to never end. Three days of it then we had to fly back to Puerto Rico a month later for another day of torcher.

So don’t restrain this boy. Let the fun be had but don’t sandwich my little boy or the memories flood back.


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