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Feeding Your Baby: Part 2

Jer bowl on head 1
banana, yum!
Jer bowl on head
When you finish eating your bowl makes a perfect hat. Jeremy  living on the boat in Cruz Bay Harbor, Virgin Islands, 1983

If your baby looks healthy, then I would not introduce anything except mothers milk till the baby makes a mouthing type chewing motion. This is usually around five to six months. If you feel like it might be time to try foods, put a tiny bit on the end of a baby spoon and see what your baby does, do they make a swallowing motion or do they just spit it all out.

How do you feel about this. If they spit it all out do you feel like your baby is ready for food. I would say follow your instincts but that brings up a whole other issue addressed in another post.

If they swallow the solids, does this tell you they are ready? Don’t go by what so and so said. What do you think?

Here’s what I think. I think the baby is not ready for food until you think he is and he shows signs of receiving the food.

Following your instincts. We have so many books out there and so much tv not to mention many of our parents and friends influencing us.

How do we even know how to listen to our natural instinct? Is there any normalcy left in them? Have we erased what nature intended? Have we cultured out what is best for our babies and our bodies? Who are these experts we have been listening to for all these years? What’s the motive for the advise they give? In the last 100 years the experts have made turns in everything they have recommended. It use to be good to give ground meat as first food at two weeks old, they use to grab us by the heals and swing us upside down–ask a chiropractor what he thinks of that. Like a broken pendulum, we are all over the place on advise. Just when I think we are getting close to how nature intended, we, as a society, swing away. In the 1980’s and 90’s we seemed to be so close to doing what was best for our babies, now 70% of the time, I cringe when I see mothers with their babies.

So when someone gives you advise, think about this turn away from what nature intended and think about how many generations there have been in the last 100 years. That is four to five generations. When that person talks to you, see the wisdom streaming down but also the fear accumulated and the mis-information passed down. So you can see how experience, fear and mis-informed crammed into one brain, mixed well and left to slowly steep creates an smorgasbord of good and bad advise.

I was happy when I saw a women with her wee one in a sling at Coconut point a couple of years back, but boy did she stand out. Strollers were common but no one was carrying their baby. Peoples eyes were following her.  I saw her sit down with the baby and discretely lift her shirt-you couldn’t see her breast because the baby’s head was on her breast and her shirt was slightly covering the babies head. I give this much detail to make sure you know what I am saying because people interpret things a million ways if left too vague. I walked up to her and told her how great it was to see her nurse and using a sling. She smiled and said thanks with a foreign accent.

1.) I was so happy to see something positive and what should be “normal” that I had to give her encouragement.

2.) You “normally” see babies being carried in their car seats or strollers instead of someones arms.

The Webster dictionary describes NORMAL two ways:

  • usual or ordinary : not strange
  • mentally and physically healthy

These definitions apply to the two sentences above. Can you match the definition to the sentence?

This is a powerful lesson in differentiating between parenting instinct and parenting conditioning. When you read something in a book or hear someone say something and it doesn’t feel right, odds are it is not right. Do a bit of research, check their sources, then decide where you really sit with this information you heard.

 Baby’s first finger food:

  • Pears cubed, pears are good because they almost melt in the mouth.
  •  Avocado is first food. It is not very sweet so it teaches the mouth to like vegetables and not just sugary fruits.
  • Banana, peas
  • If you do Cheerios then look for a sugar-free brand in the health food store. There is processed sugar in Cheerios but good news is they are now GMO free.
  • Not really first food but great finger food. Start around a year. Sprout balls and tofu cubed ~~Plain organic tofu-firm cubed.  Cut tofu in bite size squares and sprinkle with nutritional yeast and a tiny bit of spike for the older kids for flavor and B vitamins. Roll sprouts in half-inch loose balls and sprinkle in yeast.
Would love to hear your suggestions for babies first food. Please leave a comment below.


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