Herbal first aid kit

Herbs to keep on hand
Flyer I made for 1998 class in St John

I wrote this handout back in 1998 for an herbal class I taught. It was important to me then and still is today. I feel every parent should have certain things on hand before they need them. I also feel there are less side effects from nature tonics than Pharmaceuticals so I always start with herbal or homeopath and most times I end there due to the fact they really do work.

Ear oil on left

Ear Ache: When your child wakes up at 3 am screaming and pulling at their ears you don’t want them to suffer because you don’t have any ear oil on the shelf. A drop in the ear makes most pain go away instantly. Don’t  have your child suffer. Along with relief, you are actually avoiding a worse problem which would bring on even more pain. It just seems inhumane to cause un-needed pain when ear oil is safe and effective. There are times when an abnormal ear drum or a weaken immune system that just can’t keep up makes the healing more difficult, leading to a doctors visit being the next move, but honestly, I avoided many a doctors visit by putting ear oil in right away, aiding the healing before it got out of hand. Make sure your ear oil is not old: buy once a year and keep in dark place standing straight up or it breaks down the rubber on the dropper.

Pink Eye: I would make a tea out of eyebright, strain it, then apply to the eyes with an eyedropper I had on hand. While boiling the tea I would use the water to sterilize the eye dropper.  If I didn’t have a strainer (make sure you sterilize this also) I would use a paper towel held tight over a coffee cup to pour tea in. One cup water to one tablespoon of eyebright leaves. Make sure you allow the tea to reach room temp. If you need sooner then just pour a little in cup so it can cool quickly. As an added healer, I would add a little juice to more tea and have the child drink it. Apply drops into eyes at first sign of congested eyes, meaning extra red, gunky (yellow discharge that gathers in the corner of eye or causes the eyes to seal shut). I would re-apply 3 to 4 times a day for at least 4 days up to 10 days. Even if signs of infection go away I still do drops for a couple of days to make sure it stays gone. I always saw some results in one to two days. If no results in that time then I recommend going to the doctor right away.                                                                                                                             When you apply tea make sure you drop tea in corner of eye closest to the nose and have it go toward the ear making sure not to cross contaminate the other eye.  Use fresh paper towel dampened with tea to first clean each eye of any gunk.

I had really good results from using the Nox Vomica and Arnica homeopath.

Nox Vomica and papaya enzymes work really well for stomach problems. Papaya helps with digestion where Nox Vomica is good for nervous stomach, and mystery stomach aches.

Bumps and bruises: I saw arnica take swelling down many times if given right after a fall. This is another reason I would carry it with me all the time. I used the tablets that dissolved under the tongue.

I would keep a clay type toothpaste available for any type of bug bite or sting. Took pain away almost instant. Also drew out the poison from sting. Good for zits too.

No one wants to see another human suffer, there is an added sting in our hearts when it is our children.

My motto: Be Prepared.



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