Get out of our own way.

talk to soul
get out of our way

So this meme was on Soul Seekers Facebook page.  Rebekah is a friend and her page often has uplifting or soul searching post. I sent it to a friend who recently has had vertigo pretty bad for about a week. We did some work together to relieve her lingering symptoms and it seemed to work. This meme resonated to me for her.
Here is some more thought on this.
To get out of our way is such a tough one. We are told to push ahead and push and push. This needs to happen but I think our definition of push needs to be refined now and again. I think having a plan is good. Moving forward is good. Following up with things in a timely manner is key.
(So now I need to shift the conversation from my life perspective.)

But so often I just have to step aside and let the chips fall. If I am really attached to something happening, it is often a sign I am pushing too hard. Once i relax into it, let go of weather it needs to be in my life or not. Let go of the fear of it not being there. This is where the sweet spot lies. This is where it either will or will not happen (after I have lined all I can line up for it to happen). When it happens I get excited, when it doesn’t happen I am not devastated. So often, if it doesn’t happen, later on I can so see how it really wasn’t the right path. But if  I slack and never line it up then I often think back and wonder what it would of been like had I lined it up. A mourning of sorts. I am working on letting those go also. But learning to step it up if it is really something I want in my life. Which circles around to letting the results of this ‘stepping up’ go. Walk the path but be prepared for the path to end or veer off in a direction you never new existed. But also be ready for the path you envisioned to be there in all its glory. 


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