Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea

Prenatal Yoga with Shiva Rea—Stretches and strength-building exercises for a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery-DVD



Shiva is the supreme God, Lord of Dance. He is one of the five primary forms of God. Shiva Rea’s father named her in honor of Lord Shiva. She did not connect with this name until her teens when she started practicing yoga. She is now a world-renowned yoga teacher.

This video will benefit anyone wanting a well thought out yoga routine. There are three women representing the three stage of pregnancy. Follow Shiva if you are in your first stage, 0 to 4 months. Follow Britta if you are in your 2nd stage, 4 to 7 months. Follow Poppy if you are in your 3rd stage of pregnancy, 7months to the birth of your child.

For those that are new to yoga, I recommend following Poppy. The squat move is an example of a more strenuous move. With practice, slowly move up to where you feel more comfortable.

Shiva Rea says “Your breath helps you connect with your baby. Standing poses provide strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. Squats help open up your pelvis and bring elasticity to your pelvic floor. Your well being affects your baby, dedicate yourself to helping bring your child to a healthy, peaceful environment.”

My only down side to this video is that at the intro, Shiva’s voice is very relaxed almost to the point of feeling a little over done. A few may be set back by this but it really does pay off throughout to bring on relaxation.

Shiva herself is not talking during the filming of the yoga session; it is an overlay of her voice. This gives it a claming effect as she is simply moving fluidly.

The relaxation at the end of the session is reason enough to view this video. The soothing subliminal suggestions release all remaining tensions while allowing the flow of oxygen to saturate all areas newly unlocked from the previous asana’s. 

The massage part of the video brings your partner into the journey. There are some very helpful tips here.

This really is one of the best prenatal videos out there. You want the baby nestled safely inside the best home you can provide. Follow this and you are helping to make available the best environment to start the life of your child. You are increasing your blood flow and loosening your muscles, calming your internal environment, toning your body. Add this to your day along with a healthy external environment, nutritional food, and loving response to your world.


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