Yoga for your pregnancy- by Kristen Eykel

Yoga for your pregnancy– your guide to prenatal fitness and a healthy birth with Kristen Eykel.

This video is sponsored by Yoga Journal and Lamaze.  I found this video very comforting and informative. Kristen is in touch with her body and knows the right things to say to help you connect.  “Your entire mind body and spirit become engaged in the union with your growing child.” She then goes on to say “I found that by doing this yoga during my pregnancy even during labor, I was able to simultaneously work and relax, and while it was an intense labor, it certainly was a labor of love. I was able to be present to the miracle of my son’s birth. You too, by practicing this yoga, will be able to find strength in your body, a new sense of balance and a new sense of focus.”

She gentle takes you through a full range of asana’s that are well thought out and safe for you and your baby. There are two other women doing variations of the asana so you can adjust your moves according to your level of flexibility and how far along you are in your pregnancy. There are two different asana (pose) sessions available. One is 30 minutes and it helps you energize and strengthen. The other is 15 minutes to help relax and rejuvenate. There is a 5-minute birthing room session. This one is very helpful in suggesting positions that can possible make labor move quicker with less tension thereby helping reduce stress and pain. There is also a 5-minute relaxation. You can go to the menu button on your remote and quickly get to any session.

Her relaxation session will be helpful during labor. She has you go to a place where you find peace and comfort, a place that supports you. She takes you through peaks and valleys, which represent the rise and fall of contractions. Anytime you feel out of control during labor you can return to this place that you have been going during your relaxation sessions. Hopefully you have repeatedly practiced the yoga and relaxation so that it comes natural to you. 

Don’t miss out on watching Kristen in the Special Feature section called ‘Meet Kristen Eykel’. You will see her passion, understand her inspiration, and get a smile when she quickly tells her birth story. I like her description of how long Yoga has been around, so long that it is in our genetic code. “Yoga was awakened inside of me and I then became the vessel to teach it.” She also states, “The wire caries the electricity but is not the electricity, I carry the yoga, but I am not the yoga.”

“I was not fearless going into my birth, but I was prepared.” Kristen goes on to say, “Have graciousness, patience, and acceptance with yourself.”


Sat Nam


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