This may offend

I sometimes find comedy touches life in a more interesting way than lecture type journalism. Bill Maher knows how to offend. I do not agree with everything he says but I do find his straight talk opening some windows of my narrow hallways I often settle in. This video is about not having kids. I… Continue reading This may offend

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Best advise two days before you give birth.

A woman due in two days watched the documentary: The Business of Being Born by Ricky Lake..... and stated she felt "Nauseated... sick to my stomach.  The images that were disturbing are still flashing in my mind. ugh." The Facebook discussion went on to have 68 comments. Here is some of that.... FB chat the mom.....and… Continue reading Best advise two days before you give birth.

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Should I take Hypnobirthing Class

Someone dear ask me this question: Hey Jeanie, I've decided to have my baby  in the water! I was wondering if you knew anything about Hypnobirthing? My answer: I am first certified from Rahima Baldwin's program called Informed Birth/Parenting. Then years after I was a midwife I took the hybnobirthing-The Mongan Method course with Micky… Continue reading Should I take Hypnobirthing Class


“Into These Hands”

Available at and bookstores now. Power, politics, and profit aside, how a nation cares for its mothers and newborns is a key indicator of the health of that society. "Into These Hands: Wisdom from Midwives," an anthology of essays from 25 extraordinary midwives, speaks directly to what really matters to women: the right to… Continue reading “Into These Hands”