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Flash back

YouTube commenters can be cruel. The videos are good memories and YouTube is an easy access place to store them.

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Ruby’s Baby Brother-Book Review

Ruby's Baby Brother. by Kathryn White A little girl's imagination takes flight to help her process all the scary things about a new brother being brought home for the first time. She gathers her resources together to prepare for his arrival: a magic wand for safety, a space rocket to send him far away. Suddenly,… Continue reading Ruby’s Baby Brother-Book Review

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Homeschool-Home Sweet Home

My daughter, Raina, wrote this essay for her English paper. I think it was worth posting. Home Sweet Home Most children in the United States wake up each morning and hurry to do a routine they have done, what feels like, a billion times before. They get ready for school. There is a growing number… Continue reading Homeschool-Home Sweet Home

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ABC, Good Morning America did a segment they called Extreme Homeschooling. It was about Unschooling. It was edited with much bias. Too bad as there is so much good happening with children that are unschooled. Here's a comment I posted at end of post on ABC's  web page. Unschool does not mean no school. Please… Continue reading Unschooling