Idea for Halloween

Halloween custom (for next year-too cute to loose)
I can’t believe I got this from Germain Toyota. Kudos to them. 

Pick a Pun

In a pinch, embrace your punny side and use it to create a costume that requires little to no energy. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Wear some glasses. Stick a small stack of post-it notes to one side. You’re an eye-pad. “iPad.” Get it?
  • Find some mini cereal boxes. Eat the cereal (optional). Stab the boxes with plastic knives and attach them to your shirt. You are a “cereal killer.” Har-har.
  • Attach a leaf with a string to a baseball cap. Wear the baseball cap. Occasionally blow on the leaf, and you are a “leaf-blower.” Look at you; your costume is both hilarious and appropriately themed for fall.

You’ll definitely get some groans with these options, but don’t worry. It’s not because your costume is lame. It’s clearly because everyone else does not appreciate your witty, effortless sense of humor.

Channel your Inner Jim Halpert.

Get a marker. Make sure it isn’t permanent. Double check that it isn’t permanent. Write “book” across your face. Facebook. Bam.

Sushi in a Snap

This one will look like you actually tried. Dress in all white, and grab a colorful pillow and some black cloth or duct tape. Attach the pillow to your back using your chosen black implement and voila, you are a piece of nigiri (fish over sushi rice). Finish off the look by sticking some chopsticks in your hair.

Hello! My name is…

Fill in the blank of a “Hello! My name is…” sticker with a name that is not your own. This option is all about commitment and delivery. You can play the role of one of your good friends, a significant other, or choose to create your own character. Say you choose to write “Tom.” Who is Tom? What are his greatest fears, regrets, passions, and aspirations? What are his most delightful childhood anecdotes? Does he like crunchy or creamy peanut butter? Really get into the role. Or don’t, if that’s your style.

Error: Lack of Effort

This one is for all you techies out there. Take a piece of paper and write “Error 404: Costume not Found” in red or black marker on the paper, then stick it to your shirt. Cheeky.

There you go! No more excuses. Now you’re ready to enter any costume party prepared, without losing your cool, low-maintenance attitude.

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How to draw the line between passion and pest?

Wise sage passing ceremonial sage. Love the symbolism of it all.

Wise sage passing ceremonial sage. Love the symbolism of it all.

I’m a mother, grandmother, midwife and wise sage. I have been around the block a few times with babies and mama’s.

Nature is my teacher. I have strong instincts that are backed by nature, not medical personnel or books. Yet every time I turn around these days all I hear are, “This doctor says do this” or “This book says do that”. Time and time again I hear the wrong advice. I am certain there is a way nature intended things to work out and I am also certain that many people are not following those ways. The wrong advise is being moved along as if it is the right advise and it is being moved along by the people that the masses trust; doctors and nurses. Up to now our babies bodies survive all this wrong advise but there are signs of weakening.

If I speak up, it is to deaf ears. I am looked upon as being obsesive and a down right annoying. I am too natural, kind of a freak among the “normal” people just trying to be like everyone else. Many people see me as grinding against the grain. When I speak, I am a reminder of what is real and right. Their instincts know this but it is just too foreign to them, too inconvenient for them to consider.

So they buy the medication and formula and feed their toddlers potato chips and white pasta. They vaccinate the second the charts tell them and go to every doctor visit to have their child weighed and watched to determine if ‘someone’ finds them average enough. The list goes on and on. There are many great books out their but the wrong books make the number one on the Best Sellers. “What to expect when you’re expecting.” is the wrong book.

So yes!!!! My passion has driven me to be a PEST. The line between the two has been erased.  I cannot hide what I know to be right..

There is an exception to this story. There is still a strong community that adheres to the laws of nature. They are small in numbers but their passion is strong. They survive despite the main stream society’s every attempt for over a hundred years to try to wipe them out.

I Like Me

I was cleaning out things in my life that no longer serve me when I saw this aged paper written in pencil. The year I wrote it was 2002. I absolutely think it still serves me. Read it and tell me what you think.  Now write your  “I like me” post.


chocolate chip cookie

The things I like most about myself is the way I walk when I’m not in a hurry. Laughter feels good. It tickles your insides, bringing joy all around. I like the way my cookies taste. The chocolate chips taste the best. I like pushing on the chip when whey are hot and seeing them squish all about. I like the way my hair feels after I wash it. The way it flows all about. I like the way I dance when no ones watching. The freedom to move uninhibited  by anyone. No one to judge me. The freedom of spinning and hands flowing. Hips moving. The rhythm moves me in ways beyond explanation. Suddenly releasing emotions and realizing things there are no words on this planet for. I like meditating and feeling this overwhelming peace. That I can allow peace to enter my being with silence and breath. I breathe in peace. Peace overflows from me. I like the colors I see when I close my eyes. The shapes and lights that explode are entertaining. I like the feel of my body cuddling next to another and the only thoughts between us are how good it feels and the love we have for each other. I like to eat good food. The flavor exploding in my mouth. I like me and the sense I carry to my outer world.

Herbal first aid kit


Herbs to keep on hand

Flyer I made for 1998 class in St John

I wrote this handout back in 1998 for an herbal class I taught. It was important to me then and still is today. I feel every parent should have certain things on hand before they need them. I also feel there are less side effects from nature tonics than Pharmaceuticals so I always start with herbal or homeopath and most times I end there due to the fact they really do work.


Ear oil on left

Ear Ache: When your child wakes up at 3 am screaming and pulling at their ears you don’t want them to suffer because you don’t have any ear oil on the shelf. A drop in the ear makes most pain go away instantly. Don’t  have your child suffer. Along with relief, you are actually avoiding a worse problem which would bring on even more pain. It just seems inhumane to cause un-needed pain when ear oil is safe and effective. There are times when an abnormal ear drum or a weaken immune system that just can’t keep up makes the healing more difficult, leading to a doctors visit being the next move, but honestly, I avoided many a doctors visit by putting ear oil in right away, aiding the healing before it got out of hand. Make sure your ear oil is not old: buy once a year and keep in dark place standing straight up or it breaks down the rubber on the dropper.

Pink Eye: I would make a tea out of eyebright, strain it, then apply to the eyes with an eyedropper I had on hand. While boiling the tea I would use the water to sterilize the eye dropper.  If I didn’t have a strainer (make sure you sterilize this also) I would use a paper towel held tight over a coffee cup to pour tea in. One cup water to one tablespoon of eyebright leaves. Make sure you allow the tea to reach room temp. If you need sooner then just pour a little in cup so it can cool quickly. As an added healer, I would add a little juice to more tea and have the child drink it. Apply drops into eyes at first sign of congested eyes, meaning extra red, gunky (yellow discharge that gathers in the corner of eye or causes the eyes to seal shut). I would re-apply 3 to 4 times a day for at least 4 days up to 10 days. Even if signs of infection go away I still do drops for a couple of days to make sure it stays gone. I always saw some results in one to two days. If no results in that time then I recommend going to the doctor right away.                                                                                                                             When you apply tea make sure you drop tea in corner of eye closest to the nose and have it go toward the ear making sure not to cross contaminate the other eye.  Use fresh paper towel dampened with tea to first clean each eye of any gunk.

I had really good results from using the Nox Vomica and Arnica homeopath.

Nox Vomica and papaya enzymes work really well for stomach problems. Papaya helps with digestion where Nox Vomica is good for nervous stomach, and mystery stomach aches.

Bumps and bruises: I saw arnica take swelling down many times if given right after a fall. This is another reason I would carry it with me all the time. I used the tablets that dissolved under the tongue.

I would keep a clay type toothpaste available for any type of bug bite or sting. Took pain away almost instant. Also drew out the poison from sting. Good for zits too.

No one wants to see another human suffer, there is an added sting in our hearts when it is our children.

My motto: Be Prepared.


Captured smiles.

Juma and Raina were subjects of many an artist or photographer.

Juma and Raina were subjects of many an artist or photographer.



Artist and photographers, profesional and amateur alike, enjoyed capturing these adorable faces.  Every time we went to the beach or went to town, tourist would ask if they could take their pictures.
Kimberly Boulon returned to art with a portrait in charcoal of both the kids. She entered it in an art show which proceeded to be her first sold piece.

Kat Sowa did a portrait of Juma at the beach. We visited it in her art show at Mongoose back in the late ’90s.

The above pics were taken by Bob. I can’t remember his last name. It is not Nose or Schlesinger.
Steve Simonsen, famous for his many covers on Caribbean Life magazine, used Raina as a model when she was 4 in a beach and underwater scene that he included in one of his books.

Raina was a model again the same year for LLBean. That was a strange experience.

The joy of having wheels at any age.

Look at the view, they had no idea they lived somewhere so fabulous

Look at the view. They had no idea they lived somewhere so fabulous

Ride for the thrill

Ride for the thrill


The faster the better

So cool

So cool

done riding

Hanging next to our house that we spent years building.

Pandy was our Shih Tzu that played outdoors, slept outdoors and literally was only allowed in the house the day she was bathed. When I read about Shih Tzu it said they are indoor dogs only. We tried that and she was not content. She wanted to play with the kids all day long and was so dirty I left her outside at night which she seemed very happy with. Her and Domino, the cat, kept each other company.




Pillow Fun, or is it?

Big Pillows

Big Pillows



These giant pillow from Pottery Barn were a big deal in our house. It was a big expense that paid back in big smiles. Most the time. Eyes wild with excitement, the kids would run and dive, belly flops was more like it. Every time Starbo would see the kids do this he would say, “Hey, don’t let me see you do that again.” Eyes turned down, shoulders slumped as if to say, “Sorry Dad” and then when he left the room they would start right back up. This time I didn’t back Starbo up because I saw no harm in what they were doing. This is how it went in our house. When Starbo was around the kids wouldn’t do certain things but when he left the crazy began, as long as it was ok with me. If I didn’t like it, they wouldn’t get away with it.

The scary part for Juma, really the torture part, was when his older brothers would sandwich him in between two pillow. I would freak out when I saw him freaking out. I would scream, “Stop that right now, you know Juma hates that. It’s torture to him. Don’t ever let me see that again.” You would think I would never see it again but kids can be cruel. They know he spent days at the dentist being restrained in a papoose style board with velcro straps to get his teeth fixed. He had horrible bottle mouth syndrome.

Not sure why he had such bad teeth. He was breastfed for two and a half years, fed healthy food but he did get a bottle of diluted juice once a day and often fell asleep drinking it. My bad and unfortunately Juma’s bad.

I had two choices, put him under and do it all one time or sedate him and do it a few hours each day. I was afraid of putting him under when I read about the rare side effect…death. So dreading it all but understanding the severity of his disease, I opted for the sedation. The drug that was suppose to mellow him out had the reverse effect, taking a very mellow boy and turning him into a hyper maniac. It took four of us to restrain him in a papoose. A nightmare for us all. My poor little baby was crying so hard and I had to convince him to open his mouth for this very patient and lovely Puerto Rican female dentist. At the time it seemed there was nothing else to do, I wanted to pack up an fly home but I needed to be strong. His little teeth were chipped and rotten. Some got pulled and some got crowns. Like this story, it seemed to never end. Three days of it then we had to fly back to Puerto Rico a month later for another day of torcher.

So don’t restrain this boy. Let the fun be had but don’t sandwich my little boy or the memories flood back.

Basket Play Time

Basket Time

Basket Time

Look at the dolly inside the basket peeking out with her head full of red curls so much like the brown colored curls this little baby girl will get some day not so far in the future.  The hand woven basket is from our trip to Jamaica, the New Zealand lambskin was a soft place to lay my little babies bodies. Look closely and you can see the dreads forming on the left side of Juma’s head which will stay there till he is almost five. For these two, playtime was an invention of anything that was laying around. No special toys needed or for that matter were around.

I was a working mom back then. Tiny Jewels, my children store, was a full time job that I did while my day being a mother was also happening. I just fit it in all the cracks and crannies of my day (and night).

Raina’s personal protector-Juma

Juma keeping Raina from harm.

Juma keeping Raina from harm.

Hurricane Marilyn 1995. (LaLa Land, Coral Bay, St John, United States Virgin Islands)


That was our shed with a once upon-a-time car port after the winds blew most of it away and split the rest. The yard is full of power cords, blue tarps and lumber. The air is full of generators to run power tools for the repairs. We did not run them for long because the house’s power ran on solar. We even had a Energy Star fridge that our solar panels and batteries were able to keep cold.

Every day these little ones played in this yard. Did they ever step on things that hurt? Rarely. There was the time when Raina stepped on a screw and I learned that you can not pull out a screw, you have to unscrew it. Yuck, I know. A little soap and water, golden seal salve with a band-aide covered with a sock and she was fine.

I love Juma’s hair in this picture. He decided to play barber which explains the scalped hair on his forehead. I cut the rest short to try and match his creation.

Juma seems to have no problem emotionally holding his little sister back. There is no stress on his face because he is confident that he has her best interest in mind. She, on the other hand, looks extremely disturbed by this gesture from her older brother.