A Blessingway is for a soon-to-be-mother to gather other women and celebrate the life inside and the process of becoming a mother. By passing on ceremony’s from Native American wise women of yesterday and wise women of today, a mother is blessed with song, rhythm, and loving hands that at times give massage, braid hair, make bracelets out of beads everyone brings and special words of encouragement along with much more. Food and drink is shared and sometimes henna bellies and henna hands are created. A memory like no other, that is a Blessingway.

Scroll down below pictures for more info on Blessingway.

I am available to facilitate Blessing Ways. Contact me, Jeanie Williamson, at or call me at 239-898-9841.

Price varies but usually around $95.00.

                             Blessingway Facilitated with Jeanie

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I have been asked what I do at the blessingway. Here is my reply.
           “When I facilitate a blessingway, I help assist in the traditions, meaning I  explain to all about various things we are doing and help unfold the blessingway by knowing the whats, hows and whys and whens of this bonding heartfelt event. Intuition is a big part of what I use to move it along. I have attended many blessingways and feel a strong need for the continuation of them.”
Charging for this has caused me deep thoughts.  I feel it is something that is a product of todays circumstances. In days gone by I would of traded for a few vegetables and such, lol. I actually have done many trades in the past for my midwifery services. Massage and hand woven blanket, art work, babysitting were all traded.
 I can work with the fee, please let me know. I consider the time in helping with FB event page and planning along with time to and from event along with actual blessingway to be part of fee. I get a lot of love from these events and they are really important to me so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need the price to adjust.
              Henna is a nice addition to a Blessingway. I like the idea of it being done the day before so as not to disturb the Henna. It can also be done at end along with the hands of friends receiving henna. It is nice to be free with the hands during the ceremony, therefore I recommend it at end.
               We have a few women in our area that do the Henna. Chris who is a doula and childbirth educator from Fort Myers and Krishna are two that I have been honored to create with. I have info on both. Both women produce beautiful, loving Henna bellies.

For Henna details and prices, see below.

                                     Henna Belly by Krisna

Krishna Henna Offerings


                        Drum Play Facilitated with Jeanie

Drumming is a large part of my life so I also facilitates drumming with homeschool groups, church groups, etc… along with teaching djembe drum classes for beginners.

Price for private classes is $20 per hour. Facilitated circles start at $125.

drumkids drumkids5 drumkids6 drumkids10


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