Facilitated Blessingways

A Blessingway is for a soon-to-be-mother to gather other women and celebrate the life inside and the process of becoming a mother. By passing on ceremony’s from Native American wise women of yesterday and wise women of today, a mother is blessed with song, rhythm, and loving hands that at times give massage, braid hair, make bracelets out of beads everyone brings and special words of encouragement along with much more. Food and drink is shared and sometimes henna bellies and henna hands are created. A memory like no other, that is a Blessingway.

I am available to facilitate Blessing Ways. Contact me, Jeanie Williamson, at jeanstarbo@hotmail.com or call me at 239-898-9841.

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Drum/Music class.

Starting up a Drum/Music class with wee little ones in Bonita Spring, Florida.


coral bay 57

Homemade costume

coral bay 63

Juma doing the moves


African drum class.

Raina ready for the Island National Park play.

Join us with your wee little one every Wed from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Ages infant to 5 years old. (this can sway a bit if necessary)
We will spend 15 minutes of limin’ playtime then 30 minutes of music fun then end with 15 minutes more of just hang’n time. We will have an eclectic cultural experience for the little ones. Theme weeks. The first one will be Africa. So dress up your little one in lions or tigers or any animal costume you can think of. Be creative. Maybe just a tail made out of a sock filled with paper tied onto the waist. If you forget or don’t have time then don’t worry, the first 15 min we can do some quick face painting time. Your child will be immersed in rhythm and laughter which opens the heart and throat chakra spinning all the other chakras in a healthy connection to joy.

Birth, A Play by Karen Brody

Things like this don’t come along that often. A play about Birth from eight completely different women’s perspectives. I’ve been attending the rehearsals because I will be doing background sounds along with two other women, Christar and Sakura. We are drumming with our djembe’s along with some flute and shakers.

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Really, Really Free Market in Naples, Florida

Free market poster

Went to the Really Really Free Market in Naples, Florida today.

The whole community is invited to come and share anything (within reason) for FREE.

Free, really?

Yes it really is all for FREE.

That’s why its called the Really Really Free Market.

The concept is simple. Recycle and share.

Recycle things that you have sitting in your space that you longer want or need. I’ll list a few things I have given away as examples: bread maker, pots and pans, clothing, beads, file cabinet, fossil purse. You get the idea.

The way it is considered recycled is because it is not ending up in the dump. It is being reused by someone else who is usually thrilled to receive it.

A few months ago I brought a bread maker that had been used a few times and was in perfect condition. Today when I went a women came up to me and said she was the one that I gave the bread maker to and it works great and she loves it. Today she got a bottle of laundry detergent (my new washer only uses front loader type) from me and was thrilled once again. The joy on seeing something that was annoying to me make someone else happy is well worth the trip into Naples.

As an added bonus, afterwards we go to eat at the health food restaurant right around the corner, Food and Thought. They have great food that is all organic. When were done eating we shop in their store which has reasonable prices for some of the best looking organic produce among many other healthy choices.

Free Pep Talk

Free Pep Talk

Here’s how the share part works. Need a pep talk. All you need to do is walk up to the lady with the huge sign that reads “Need a Pep Talk”. She’ll give you one for free. Want to teach a yoga class. Make a sign that reads “Free Yoga class”. Your sure to get some students pretty quick. I saw a women paint a piece of art in oils and give it away. Anything you can think of to share that creates happiness for others or yourself is great. There are no organizers. All they ask is you be respectful of others and leave no trace you were there behind when you leave.