Facilitated Blessingways

A Blessingway is for a soon-to-be-mother to gather other women and celebrate the life inside and the process of becoming a mother. By passing on ceremony’s from Native American wise women of yesterday and wise women of today, a mother is blessed with song, rhythm, and loving hands that at times give massage, braid hair, make bracelets out of beads everyone brings and special words of encouragement along with much more. Food and drink is shared and sometimes henna bellies and henna hands are created. A memory like no other, that is a Blessingway.

I am available to facilitate Blessing Ways. Contact me, Jeanie Williamson, at jeanstarbo@hotmail.com or call me at 239-898-9841.

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Should I take Hypnobirthing Class

pregnant moon

pregnant moon

Someone dear ask me this question:

Hey Jeanie, I’ve decided to have my baby  in the water! I was wondering if you knew anything about Hypnobirthing?

My answer:

I am first certified from Rahima Baldwin’s program called Informed Birth/Parenting. Then years after I was a midwife I took the hybnobirthing-The Mongan Method course with Micky herself. She came to St John in the Virgin Islands.
I wasn’t terribly impressed with this method of teaching childbirth classes but I do believe Hypnotherapy can be beneficial to relieve fear, which allows for more relaxation, which creates space for a natural birth to occur. Tension causes fear which can cause minor complications.
Is there a class nearby that you are thinking of taking? Do you know a good hypnotherapist?
Orgasmic Birth DVD- this looks interesting but I haven’t seen it.

She then ask this question:

There’s a class at the birth center, the midwife really recommends me taking it. I have the book and the cd with affirmations and the relaxation that ive been listening to everyday. Do u think i should take it?

Here’s my answer:

Ignorance is bliss for some things… too much knowledge can sometimes induce fear if you seek that knowledge in the wrong places. (By the way, I dis-like the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”) I think any relaxation inducing class you choose to take is good.
Letting go is the key.
Just don’t let go of your right to a safe birth. In my mind, safe means no one is going to do an episiotomy or induce labor just because it is routine.

Understand there is no such thing as a natural birth with an epidural. Also understanding there are truly times when an epidural is the right thing to do and that we all love doctors for the special knowledge they know when a natural birth meets a complication. Putting it all in perspective that complications are very rare when the domino effect of unnecessary intervention is not allowed and you have had good prenatal care to rule out complications before birth.
Being smart means surrounded yourself with women you trust.
Which brings us back to letting go and trusting that everything you do is enough when you care, pay attention, breath and circle around to trust and letting go.
I have total trust you already know everything I just wrote.

Organic Trashed Granola Cookies

Why I have a hate/love relationship with summer.

The Hate Part: I make cookies.

Choc-oat-chip cookies

Choc-oat-chip cookies

After buying, at various times, all the ingredients, I now gather them up. Starting with the organic butter that I laid out an hour ago to soften gets mashed with the organic almond butter and organic turbinado sugar. Add organic fair trade vanilla that I special order and have mailed to me, then Dark Chocolate powder, free range eggs and 2 tablespoons of organic milk, whole wheat pastry flour that is hard to find, sea salt and baking soda, slow cooking oats, dark chocolate Ghirardelli chips. I grind the walnuts and all the time I wonder how come, after all this baking, my arm never gets use to all this stirring.

Then I shape them on the cookie sheet, make sure I don’t space them out while baking them. This is hardest part. I sat down to work on a project at my desk and my son ask me if I have the timer on. “Oh shit, I forgot I was cooking.” and I run to take them out of oven just in time.

Then Curtis, my no-where-to-live-take-in teen,  comes home from work starving. He ask if he can have a cookie while he is putting together a ham sandwich. He takes a bite of my amazingly healthy cookie, then sets it down on a plate.

I have a cookie and it is delicious. It is crunchy. I always say these are my granola cookies, but oh so much better than any granola bar I get from a store.

My son, Juma loves these cookies and he leaves at the end of the month for college, so I made them today feeling an empty nest virus coming on.

Later in the evening, after my daughter makes tacos for four friends and the family, I clean up the plates, scraping what looks like it could be complete meals into the trash.

I look into the trash can and what do I see, enough turkey meat to make 5 taco’s and what else?….my cookie that Curtis ate minus one bite.

Yep. He did that. They did that.

They don’t care that my money paid for the turkey meat.

And Curtis, who lives with us for the last two years, doesn’t care about anything I said in the first two paragraphs.

There is an added sting when I put so much effort into having healthy food for my family and they just don’t GIVE A SHIT.

Why I love summer.

Everyday I remember this will all be gone in a flash and I will miss them all ridiculously.

Here is my recipe if anyone wants to make them. That is, if you can find someone that appreciates a good crunchy cookie.



Choc-oat-chip granola cookie (warning: Twinkie lovers may not like these)

1/2 c. peanut or almond butter

1/2 c. butter

3/4 c. turbinado sugar

2 eggs

2 T. milk

2 tea. vanilla

1 3/4 c. ww pastry flour

1 tea. baking soda

1/2 tea. salt

1 T. dark cocoa powder

2 1/2 c. Oats

1 c. choc pieces

1 c. nuts

Heat oven to 375º.  Beat sugar with both butters. Add eggs, milk, vanilla, beat well.

Add flour, b.soda, salt, cocoa powder and combine with sugar mixture.

Sitr in oats-choc-nuts. Bake 10-12 minutes.

Enjoy and if anyone wants one, break off a piece for them to taste first.

100 Things About Me

100 things about me

Eric Watermolen of Eden Journal inspired me to write this post.

He wrote a very moving list of 100 things about himself, said it really made him ponder.

So I will ponder away and do his challenge of writing this in one sitting, with no break till it’s posted.

If anyone else wants to try this, I will do a guest post, just email me.

Here goes.

  1. I love my life and give thanks for it every day.
  2. I know at any moment, everything can come crashing down by some serious injury or illness, so I give extra thanks for every moment that is free of major drama.
  3. I grew sprouts and sold them to restaurants in 1981..
  4. I love to listen to my breath, it relaxes me.
  5. I love to write on the beach, listening to the waves and letting the breeze smooth all the rough edges of my aura.
  6. Yoga is amazing, I believe it helps heal the body.
  7. I am certified yoga instructor.
  8. I am a certified Childbirth Educator x3.
  9. I am a certified Infant Massage Instructor.
  10. I am a certified labor assistant x2.
  11. I am a midwife.
  12. I have delivered over 200 babies.
  13. I am an herbalist.
  14. I did Outward Bound in North Carolina for a month when I was 18.
  15. I went to college, majoring in Crop Production.
  16. I changed my major to Turf Management my second year.
  17. I am a djembe drummer, not great but I can keep a strong beat.
  18. I can teach basic beading, loom beading, crochet beading but I can’t crochet yarn very well.
  19. I am really good at giving hand and neck massages.
  20. I started drawing again and find I like it.
  21. When I draw, I often say to myself, “trust in yourself” when I start to doubt.
  22. Every night before I go to bed, I go in my closet, which is really big, and lay back on my yoga ball and stretch out my back. Ahhh.
  23. I have a 16 year old daughter who is always inviting her girlfriends over.
  24. My daughters girlfriends always bring fast food with them and it really stinks of grease.
  25. My whole family except for one son, hates fast food.
  26. I have four children and had two miscarriages before them.
  27. I have gotten pregnant four times in July which produced two live births, April 12 and April 13, two years apart. (My miscarriages were both in September.)
  28. I love American Idol, the only TV show that I can ever remember what time and day it’s on.
  29. It is impossible for me to have any type of routine that is consistent, believe me, I have tried.
  30. I love vegetables. Continue reading