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Facilitated Blessingways

A Blessingway is for a soon-to-be-mother to gather other women and celebrate the life inside and the process of becoming a mother. By passing on ceremony's from Native American wise women of yesterday and wise women of today, a mother is blessed with song, rhythm, and loving hands that at times give massage, braid hair,… Continue reading Facilitated Blessingways

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Should I take Hypnobirthing Class

Someone dear ask me this question: Hey Jeanie, I've decided to have my baby  in the water! I was wondering if you knew anything about Hypnobirthing? My answer: I am first certified from Rahima Baldwin's program called Informed Birth/Parenting. Then years after I was a midwife I took the hybnobirthing-The Mongan Method course with Micky… Continue reading Should I take Hypnobirthing Class


Organic Trashed Granola Cookies

Why I have a hate/love relationship with summer. The Hate Part: I make cookies. After buying, at various times, all the ingredients, I now gather them up. Starting with the organic butter that I laid out an hour ago to soften gets mashed with the organic almond butter and organic turbinado sugar. Add organic fair… Continue reading Organic Trashed Granola Cookies


100 Things About Me

Eric Watermolen of Eden Journal inspired me to write this post. He wrote a very moving list of 100 things about himself, said it really made him ponder. So I will ponder away and do his challenge of writing this in one sitting, with no break till it's posted. If anyone else wants to try… Continue reading 100 Things About Me