Jammie dancing


I wrote this after reading a post from a woman who was inspired by a 90 yr old woman. It listed 20 things she advised to live a happy life. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the suggestion of put your makeup on and dress nice every morning when you wake up even if you have no where to go. I have spent the last eight years not having to work anywhere for what one would call a real job. I have many projects, some make me money and some don’t. I love dressing up in fun clothing, sometimes conventional, sometimes pretty wild. I also love staying in my jammie’s all day.

I am very happy with my life and feel really good about myself. I take offense at people thinking they have to be “presentable” to others to feel good about themselves. What does that even mean? Men go every day not wearing makeup. I love a man’s face and I love a woman’s face. I love when people decorate their faces, it is fun and often beautiful. I just don’t see it as a day to day neccesity.  I also don’t think it should be on a list of what women should do to be happy. I would of loved it if it had been on her personal list of what made her happy but not as a recommendation to all woman.

I actually took pause for a moment after reading this list, and like any good person that listens to ones elders wisdom, I pondered this message and thought maybe I have been doing it all wrong. I pondered it for a very short ponder and shook it off and started dancing with my headphones on and watched my reflection dancing in the turned off T.V.