Herbal first aid kit

I wrote this handout back in 1998 for an herbal class I taught. It was important to me then and still is today. I feel every parent should have certain things on hand before they need them. I also feel there are less side effects from nature tonics than Pharmaceuticals so I always start with… Continue reading Herbal first aid kit

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Cardboard Box Office photo’s

Recipe for Cardboard Box Office: Two very bored fun loving parents. One happy go lucky baby. Massive amounts of Cardboard boxes. Camera Mad love for movies A great sense of humor Patients bordering on insanity.   Cardboard Box Office blog is a creation of Photo shoots of a family that has recently moved to a… Continue reading Cardboard Box Office photo’s


Thanksgiving: Be thankful a donkey does not knock you to the ground.

Children are innocent Children are non-judgmental Children are resilient to change Children are trusting Children love unconditionally   Let’s explore Gratitude. How many of you are lucky enough to have a child in your life? For 30 years I woke up almost every day with a child physically present in my life. My children are… Continue reading Thanksgiving: Be thankful a donkey does not knock you to the ground.


‘Letting Your Children Grow Up’ Mantra

Do six sun salutations to allow your chakras to open. Close your eyes and cross your arms over your chest and gently hold your throat with both open hands. You are opening your throat chakra and your heart chakra at the same time. You are healing your throat chakra and heart chakra simultaneously. Repeat these… Continue reading ‘Letting Your Children Grow Up’ Mantra


Aloe heals more than sunburns.

This was first published on August 14, 2012 I wake up tired and stiff. This is pretty much every morning. After a splash of water on the face and a toothbrush massaging my mouth I am ready to putts around. I wonder onto my courtyard to see how my aloe plants are doing. Yesterday I… Continue reading Aloe heals more than sunburns.

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Baby Explains- Normal Newborn Behavior

Is something wrong with your new baby or is this normal newborn behavior? A letter from a new baby, whats normal. via Baby Explains- Normal Newborn Behavior. By Diana Cassar-Uhl, IBCLC  Dear Mommy, Thank you so much for breastfeeding me!  You probably already know that your milk is designed especially for me, and is better… Continue reading Baby Explains- Normal Newborn Behavior


Free Range Children=Love

I was reading a post called “Free Range Children-Just look East". The blogger wrote about a debate he participated in at college. The question was: should first world countries be obligated to make third world countries more westernized? He was on the No side of the debate when actually he felt the answer was a… Continue reading Free Range Children=Love