Facilitated Blessingways

A Blessingway is for a soon-to-be-mother to gather other women and celebrate the life inside and the process of becoming a mother. By passing on ceremony’s from Native American wise women of yesterday and wise women of today, a mother is blessed with song, rhythm, and loving hands that at times give massage, braid hair, make bracelets out of beads everyone brings and special words of encouragement along with much more. Food and drink is shared and sometimes henna bellies and henna hands are created. A memory like no other, that is a Blessingway.

I am available to facilitate Blessing Ways. Contact me, Jeanie Williamson, at jeanstarbo@hotmail.com or call me at 239-898-9841.

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Home School Info for Florida



I ran into a women a few days ago. She was asking me about home school. I told her I would email her info. I decided it would probably be helpful to many so I included it in my blog.  Keep in mind it is for South West Florida. Every state is different but usually not by much.

Here is the info:

SWFL HSF (South West Florida Home School Families. contact Lynda Rowley 239-352-2002 or hslynda1@yahoo.com

www.swflhsf.bravehost.com a volunteer-based home schooling support group serving the area of SW Fl, including Lee and Collier.

FPEA- Florida Parent Educators Assoc. Regina Hicks, Director 239-770-8893 or distric11@fpea.com

They have a list of 6 home school responsibilities. www.fpea.com/starting/index/css/starting_point.html

1. Submit a Notice of Intent to your district school superintendent.

2. Maintain a Portfolio of records. This consist of a log containing educational activities, These are whatever you choose to include. Can be list of reading you used, worksheets and books, samples of writing material by child. Can be ticket stubs of places of interest you went to. Field trips are great learning tools. Diary’s are great. Nothing specific is mandatory. You just need to show you are paying attention and the child is participating. You decide on what you are participating in. You do not need to imitate the public school.

3. Make Portfolio available for inspection by Superintendent. Notice to inspect portfolio must be done in writing 15 days before date of inspection. You can request someone else attends with you. Someone you pick. Your child does not need to go and probably should not go.

4. Submit an Annual Evaluation to them. This can be done a number of way. This is just to show that the child has improved from one year to the next. They can not tell you what you should be learning. There is no list for this. They are only deciding if improvement of some kind is being made. Ask me about this if you still have questions.

5. Preserve Portfolio for 2 years. I recommend holding onto it longer.

6. Submit letter of termination when you end home education program for your child within 30 days.

You can use a program to help you, We used Oak Meadow. I like their learning philosophy. I did not like Calvert, It was too rigid and too much busy work and not enough time for creativity. I like the Saxton Math books. I started out strict, trying to do like the schools do. I eased up gradually. The more I learned from others the more relaxed I became. Over the years I finally decided to Un-school. That is where we pay attention to the child’s learning desires, steer them in the right direction, get out of their way and then let them learn. Trust… after they decompress they will start to find there way. Schools tend to tell them what to do, when to do it and how to do it. You loose your natural ability to learn, it becomes forced and many find people just don’t retain things when they have no interest in them.

There are so many books on the subject. John Holt is the most famous author about this subject but There have been many well written books since. Home school has come a long way. It is really respected now but it was not always so. Many have come before to pave the path.  

That’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to ask me any question, I will try to answer it. 


What fears did you have when you first started Home School?