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Feeding your baby. Part 1

The human race wants to survive and since nature designed us to feed our babies via the breast, you would be surprised how well the whole system works. Barring all the unwarranted fear that our society has created, mothers love to nurse. And the great news is that your baby loves nursing too. We just need to get women back on board. The best tool I can recommend is this one word. RELAX


Helicopter parent-I might be guilty.

I see this article on my newsfeed. Helicopter Parenting is Bad For Kids, Psychologist Warn. My thumb swipes it by. Why do care? My kids are grown. My mind keeps reading the title even though I am 5 articles past it. Ugh! OK. I go back to it. Not cause I think I am guilty… Continue reading Helicopter parent-I might be guilty.

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A fertility story

Birth is like snowflakes, no two are alike. I have said this a million times but what I should of repeated along with it is: Getting pregnant is like snowflakes, no two fertility stories are the same. Telling stories has a purpose. It helps us understand the human side to life. Here is my human side… Continue reading A fertility story


Gardening in the VI

Community Gardening Comes Alive on St. John Posted March 19, 2017 by Catherine Turner Last year I wrote an article about the unavailability of fresh produce in the Virgin Islands. The story went viral with over 17,000 people reading the blog and 2,500 sharing it on social media. Although my readership was greatly increased, which was a positive… Continue reading Gardening in the VI